Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Irises with Limited Copics (Which Copics Do I Buy First?)

This is my card for the Copic Creation Challenge to use purples for irises, lilacs, or purple fliers. I only have four Copic markers, so I have to really make the colors stretch. I used a pale grey, peach, blender, and pale grey. My first four starter Copic colors, and a wise choice, I think, for those who don't know where to start. They've served me well for shadowing, whereas I can make BICS and PhotoTwins to fill (all alcohol based [I think the Twins are alcohol, they don't move with anything]).

The purple BIC reacted nicely with the Copic blender pen, it really created a nice shade where I wanted it. (I could obviously stand to win me a few Copics!)

I don't have a lot of stamps for the pretty verses for the front of the card yet...not the ones I wanted for this card, so I decided to try to freehand it. I initially wished "joyful" had been more level, but then, I decided that it made me feel joyful to leave it and finish! Better to bless someone than get so tied up in details that you never send the card, I say!

Thanks to KittieKraft for the bow tutorial video on her site. Very helpful! What a difference! I didn'tremember it the first time I watched it, but the second time, I realized I didn't have to have the exact size bottle to tie the bow around, I'd be cutting the "loop" around the back of the card anyway...saves ribbon and is much more neat!

Iris Frame Um Floral Flowers stamp--from "My Heart Stamps for You"
Zig double ended Calligraphic Pens
Copics (listed above)
BIC Mark*It Markers
Ribbon: Fabric Counter
Card & Stock: Stash
Glitter: Ice Stickles

Information on Phototwins:
Phototwins markers are made for aging photos to that antique effect, but there are a nice opaque (I think alcohol based) pen, and I use them all the time. They are pretty cost effective off of ebay (less then ten bucks is a good deal...I included shipping with that for the ones I got. There are about three different sets available now...maybe four). I have the first two and would love the third but haven't found it yet.


  1. Wow - your freehanded sentiment is beautiful!! And wonderful dimension and sparkle on those flowers!! Thanks for joining us in the Copics Creations Challenge.

  2. What a pretty card, Joan. This is lovely, and your coloring is lovely as well. Thanks for joining our Copic Challenge. Hope to see you again.

  3. Joan this card is beautiful!! I love your handwriting!! Blessings and hugs!

  4. Your card is so lovely, Joan! Congrats on winning the Copic Creations Challenge!!!

  5. Don't you just love copics!! I have about six so far, but would love to get more. You did lovely job with the card and the blending.

  6. Wow Joan, I adore your card!!!! I can't believe you freehanded the sentiment! Great job. And the colors of your irises are darling, you did amazing work with your 4 copics! And guess what, 4 copics is all I have too:) I have Pink,Blue,Green, and Purple...maybe not the wisest choices but I love 'em.
    Going now to watch the bow tutorial!


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