Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pieced Owls: Mother's Day Project

These are the cute pieced owls I've seen online the last few weeks. I've seen them done with all Stampin' Up punches, but I don't have all those, and was searching for a Mother's Day card idea when it struck me that I could probably still do it using what I had!

I got creative and thought they turned out super cute!

  • Cardstock (colors can vary, but I like fall colors for this),
  • star flower punch (medium and could use a different type flower than I did),
  • the smallest Creative Memories round punch,
  • an oval creative memories cutter (got it for Christmas, first time out of the package),
  • oval scalloped nestabilities for the wings (one cut makes two wings...after cutting a scalloped oval, I used the nesty edge as a guide for my cutting with a craft knife to cut the wings to have the smooth arch on the top of the wing--you could use anything you have for a guide).

Now...the head was tricky.

I tried a couple size labels (created in SCAL) on my Cricut because I don't have a label punch or nesty label. After cutting, I turned the large label sideways to cut half of it off. Yeah, you need to cut his head in half...sounds gross!

I then used a bracket punch to create the top of his head! Ingenius! I amazed myself, I know.

I also used another nestie as a guide to round the sides of his head using a craft knife.

Tip: Don't wait until midnight to start all your pieces, as I did. I was in bed by 1:30AM, but boy, did I feel it by 9PM Sunday night after playing keyboard, then and hosting a group of people here at the house for a leaderhip gathering...with a cold. Whew. Yes, it's Wednesday and I think I'm still recovering. Dedicated Sunday School teachers ROCK!

Here are the kid's interpretations--
They wrote: Guess WHooo Loves You? On the outside, and "I DO!!!!" on the inside.

They could have been more "finished" if I'd done letters for them, but Ivalue the Mother's Day cards best when my kids write on them in their own I let them do that part.

Some of the kids wanted to use the flowers for eyes, some didn't, and that was fine. Whatever they wanted.

I just let them adhere with glue sticks and stock cards.

The other teacher teaches every other week, she'll do the craft for Sunday and it will go with the craft.

Have a great day!

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